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Leadership & Development: Navigating the Modern Workforce: Diversity, Culture, Generations

DATE:  11/21/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EDT / 5:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Brian Ackles, Executive Leadership Coach and Professional Development Consultant

The modern business climate is more diverse than ever. Team members are bringing new experiences, expertise, and viewpoints to the workforce; and constant change is the new normal. An astute leader can take advantage of these skills and perspectives while maximizing productivity and fostering employee buy-in.
In this workshop, you will learn how to capitalize on the strengths of your diverse team while directing and guiding them to even greater achievements. Learn about the world of diversity and learn how to leverage cultural differences to engage and empower our multi-generational workforce.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Work in a fluid, dynamic environment while understanding the new transient workforce
  • Use difference to your strategic advantage to bridge gaps and develop cultural intelligence in response to individual differences
  • Understand that change is inevitable and how you can apply Emotional Intelligence to impact change and promote involvement

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High Availability Options in vSphere

DATE:  12/06/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Shawn Bolan, Training Manager – New Horizons Nebraska

Join us as we compare and configure some of the high availability options in vSphere that will help a company address disaster recovery and business continuity needs. We will also discuss which vSphere options provide high availability options and which do not to ensure that the right technical and managerial decisions are made.

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Microsoft Word 2016: Organizing Content Using Tables & Charts

DATE:  12/07/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Tom Keen, Instructor - New Horizons Minnesota

In Word, tables are used to arrange information in rows and columns. But tables can be used for more than just making your data look good. In this webinar, New Horizons Instructor, Tom Keen, will show you how to organize and chart data, including:

  • Sorting the rows in a table
  • Managing the display of a cell
  • Calculating values using mathematical formulas
  • Creating a chart
  • Embedding and linking an Excel table in a Word document

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How COBIT 5 Maximizes the Investments Within ITIL and Other Best Practices

DATE:  12/13/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Dylan Swart, Education Director – Syzygal

There is a misconception that states ITIL, for example, works for some organizations but not others. While there are elements of this statement are true this is rarely the case.

ITIL is a guidance framework that should be adapted and continually improved within an IT environment. It is often the case that is it not that the framework has not been embedded correctly.

COBIT 5 brings a governance layer to ITIL, placing measurement metrics and controls to ensure that process practitioners or IT staff are using the adapted framework as intended.

In the end, it does not matter how aligned or mature a process is. It will always be of little value, if it is not being used by its target audience.

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Effective Job Search Strategy

DATE:  12/15/2017

TIME:  8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Gary O’Neal - Recruiting & Corporate Hiring Consultant

Your goal is to land that job and you need an effective and assertive plan to do so! All hiring happens at the front of the line when you get to talk with the hiring manager, not at the end of the line when you apply for a job. This workshop teaches you how to get to the front of the line and helps you map out your action plan to be successful in your job search.

You will:

  • Transform any job search frustration into action items
  • Discover what components make up a successful strategy
  • Understand the difference between a "Hidden Job" and an "Open Job"
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to connect with the right people

Past attendees report gaining insights allowing them to be more proactive and confident during the hiring and interview process. Take your activity to the next level, become a more effective and desired candidate by attending this workshop!

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Leadership & Development: Critical Facilitation Skills for Leaders

DATE:  12/19/2017

TIME:  9:00 am PST / 12:00 pm EST / 5:00 pm GMT

PRESENTER:  Brian Ackles, Executive Leadership Coach and Professional Development Consultant

Facilitation is often referred to as the new cornerstone of management philosophy. With its focus on fairness and creating easy decision making, facilitation can help any organization make better decisions. This webinar will highlight a few of the key facilitation techniques leaders use to manage more effectively.

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